Fresh food shopping is as much about the entertainment these days as it is the purchase.

As we continue to search and explore new ways of curating our retail projects we need to be focused much more on the experience and if we can provide a retail vision and concept that can’t be replicated with a click of the mouse then how fabulous is that?

For some time now there has been a very clear direction that we’ve been taking in the design and master planning of our Food and Beverage projects.

We are breaking down defined design boundaries and introducing where practical a ‘fresh food market’ look and feel. This is creating much a better connection and engagement with our customers and above all recognising that fresh food shopping can be as much about time out with family and friends, sourcing great fresh food and produce to cook at home, being exposed to new ideas and embracing our ethnic diversity through food.

In Harris Farms’ latest venture in suburban Drummoyne it is clear not only by the sheer number of customers that are walking through the door, but in the brilliance behind the concept and the fact that they recognise the importance of merging fresh food and dining all under one roof.

Open till 10.00pm 7 days a week, its trading its head off literally with vendors running out of complete stock lines and the buzz inside is electric!

The range is fabulous, fruit and vegetables, meats, cheeses and deli, fresh seafood in abundance, pizza, coffee and pastries.  It’s a simple formula and yet often overlooked and one that we believe has merit in both CBD, inner City and suburban locations.

Of course each project comes with its own demographics and competition. Each concept has to be bespoke and authentic for each target market but let us show you how to do it!

Angela Bonnefin, Principal of Bonnefin Property